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It’s common for San Antonio residents, and residents everywhere to own animals. This doesn’t mean that animals should be able to harm and injure people around them. Animal attacks are often passed off as nothing, because the attacks come from a neighbor’s dog. However, if the injury’s from an animale attack are serious, you have legal rights. Texas law says that an animal owner is responsible for the harm the animale does to third parties. Usually home insurance policies will cover the damages that animals cause to third parties. Make sure you contact a personal injury lawyer if a dog or any other animal attacks you or a loved one. It’s not uncommon for canines to attack people. The Center for Disease and Control reports that over 2 percent of Americans are attacked dogs.

What are the most common problems associated with dog bites?

● Scarring that never goes away
● Death
● Infection because the attackee didn’t know how to properly treat the wound
● Emotional trauma

The best way to avoid damages is to think about dog attacks before they happen. How can you avoid getting attacked by a dog in the future?

● Keep an eye out for troubling dogs like pit bulls, and rottweilers
● Dogs under the age of six are more likely to attack
● Keep an eye out for untrained dogs
● Look for dogs restrained by chains – this is most likely because they have attacked in the past
● Male dogs attack more than female dogs
● Unneutered dogs are more hostile than others
● Dogs that know children are more likely to attack the children
● Refrain from touching a dog on the face
● Dogs often go for your face

Dogs are known to strike your face, but it’s not uncommon for them to bite your leg, arm or other part of your body. Keep a look out for dogs or owners that seem suspicious. There are several things you must do once you’ve been attacked by a dog: Call animal control, get your wounds treated by a medical professional and call a lawyer with experience in animal attacks.

Our San Antonio personal injury lawyers are known for helping people who are attacked by dogs and other animals. Although dogs are the most common reports of animal attacks, it’s wise to keep an eye out for other vicious animals when visiting friends or even hanging out at a petting zoo. Children are especially prone to animal attacks since they might not know how to treat an animal properly and they are shorter than the average adult.

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