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San Antonio Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

Is your insurance company telling you that you don’t have the coverage you thought you paid for? Are they refusing to pay your claim? Maybe they are trying to underpay, knowing that by doing so they may be able to force you to accept less than you are entitled to. Does your policy seem to mean something different now than it did when you originally signed the contract? You talked to your agent, read your policy and faithfully made payments yet now, you do not seem to have the coverage you thought you had? You are not alone. Our San Antonio lawyers take on the insurance companies and fight to have your claim paid in full.

Insurance Bad Faith, How Common Is It?

Insurance companies are well practiced at making clients accept less than they deserve or go away all together. They stay in a very profitable business by taking in as much in premiums as possible with every intention of avoiding full payment of claims. Insurance policies are written so that they will be very difficult for the average layperson to fully understand. Stalling, denying claims and using confusing language are common tactics insurance companies use to manage their bottom line. Insurance companies have specialists that calculate the cost of getting sued versus the savings made if enough people will go away or accept a low settlement. Most have found their bottom line methods of denying claims to be worth the risk of a law suit. You need a Texas attorney experienced in insurance bad faith claims to read your policy and assist you in getting the compensation you are owed. Villarreal & Begum is a San Antonio law firm that is ready to fight the insurance companies for you. We will use our experience to fight for and protect your rights.

No doubt, when you purchased your policy, you believed that your insurance company would be there in your time of need. You were wrong. Insurance companies are large corporations that will not hesitate to utilize the enormous resources available to them to defeat you and protect their bottom line. Everyone in the company, from their many attorneys to the person on the phone, is well trained to manage you, ignore their obligations and pay little or nothing of what is due. This is bad faith, and with the help of a seasoned insurance bad faith attorney, you can fight them and you can win.

We will be your advocate throughout the process. The insurance companies have multiple attorneys that will begin immediately working against your rights. Let us work for you to protect them. We love what we do! We want to help.

If you have been injured and are being denied coverage, you may be the victim of insurance bad faith. If your home has been damaged and you have been told the event that occurred is not covered, you may be the victim of insurance bad faith. If for any reason, your insurance company is refusing to pay, you may the victim of insurance bad faith. Call Villarreal & Begum Law Firm today, for your free consultation and evaluation of your San Antonio insurance bad faith claim.

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