Starting a Slip and Fall Injury Claim

shutterstock_400943752Have you been in a slip and fall case and want to know what your next steps should be? Or perhaps you would just like to be prepared in case the worst should happen? There are certainly a few things you can do to ensure that every precaution is taken so that you will be able to ensure you are treated fairly in your personal slip and fall case. Keep reading to learn what those things are.

Reporting the Accident

If you do experience a slip and fall case, the first thing you should do is report it to the property owner, or someone else who is responsible for the location. If it is public property, instead report it to the city on the same day (if time and the situation allows it).

If you wait to report it, it will bring up the possibility of your case not being legitimate, and that is something you would want to avoid if at all possible. Don’t even wait a single day if you can help it.


If anyone saw your particular slip and fall case happen, you need to get in touch with them as soon as you can. Get their names and contact information for future reference, as their input could be crucial for your particular case.

Photo Evidence

This applies to you if you are physically able to document the condition of the scene via photography. It needs to be done right away because otherwise the conditions may be changed (especially if you followed our first piece of advice, which is to inform the property owners immediately). You can also have a friend or family member do it for you; just make sure it is soon enough after the accident that the documented evidence will be accurate.

Go to the Doctor

Even if you aren’t in a medical emergency, if you have any kind of injury then you should see a doctor about it. The logic behind this is that if you never saw a doctor for your supposed injuries, then how could you have been badly injured at all?

Additionally, be sure to explain your injuries to your doctor so that it is documented clearly. This will help convince a jury and the relevant insurance company that your claim is legitimate since with all the documentation everything will appear consistent (therefore proving its authenticity).

Finally, do not miss any of your upcoming medical appointments. If you do, it will look like either you did not, in fact, have a very serious injury, or your injury healed by the time your next appointment came around.

Accident Report Form

People injured in slip and fall cases are often asked by property owners to fill out an accident report. You don’t need to do it — it’s not required by law — and if you are not feeling healthy enough to do it, you certainly should not do it. Do not allow yourself to be pressured into it, and if you do fill it out to explain how you were injured, be sure to do so accurately.

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