Premises liability usually occurs when someone who owns a piece of property starts becoming negligent with maintaining the property and ensuring that people won’t get injured when they walk onto the property. Unfortunately all property owners don’t take care of the things that they own which causes people who walk by to slip and fall, break bones or even get electrocuted because of something the owner did wrong. Just because you are not the victim of premises liability doesn’t mean that you don’t have a responsibility to help those who get caught in a situation where a piece of property injuries them.

Let’s take a look at how you should respond if you witness premises liability.

Make Sure the Area Is Safe for You To Walk Into

Although the person is already hurt you want to make sure that the area is safe for you to walk into and help out the victim. Premises liability is quite dangerous because you can actually get electrocuted or severely burned if you go in to help someone and you don’t think about the consequences of your actions. Just because you have not been injured doesn’t mean that you can’t get injured within the next few seconds. Scan the area to make sure that you are not in any harm. If the situation is to dangerous than call the authorities immediately instead of helping the injured person.

Rescue the Person from Any Harm

If the person simply slipped on some poorly structured foundation or maybe a tree branch fell on them or something of the sort been you can probably assume that the area is safe for you to go rescue the person from any additional harm. Make sure that you evaluate the situation to figure out if you moving the person would cause even more harm. If everything is good to go then you should move the person to a safe location and mend any of their wounds that you can. Calling an ambulance is also a wise decision as well.

Tell The Victim That You Are Willing to Serve as a Witness

Even though the owner of the property might not be in the area you want to figure out who is liable for the damages that occurred to the other person. This person might want to contact a personal injury lawyer. In this case you can offer your services to act as a witness to explain how the person who owns the property was being negligent and causing other people injury.

Let us know what you think about premises liability in the comments section below. Tell us if you would respond how we instructed if you happen to witness someone get into a problem with premises liability.