Villarreal & Begum Law Firm April 30, 2020

Preventing Distracted Driving: Tips for Teens

Despite countless attempts to curb distracted driving in all motorists, it remains a serious issue: in 2018, distracted driving accounted for over 2,800 deaths alone. One of the most effective ways to combat distracted driving...
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Villarreal & Begum April 29, 2020

Accepting a Settlement After an Accident

Fortunately, most crashes in the United States result in minor injuries thanks to advancements in vehicle safety. However, sometimes you might end up with severe injuries, that require years of medical treatment. Even with minor...
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Villarreal & Begum April 28, 2020

Recall on 11,870 Hyundai Vehicles Due to Smart Parking

Hyundai recently announced that its 2020 Sonata and Nexo models are being recalled due to a software issue with its "smart park" feature. This technology, when working, allows the vehicle to park itself. Even within...
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Villarreal & Begum April 27, 2020

Hazardous Material Trucks Accidents Are Worse Than Normal Truck Wrecks

All personal injury attorneys know that accidents with 18-wheelers are extremely serious and handle them differently than normal passenger vehicle crashes. Truck drivers have to follow different laws and rules when on the road, which...
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Villarreal & Begum April 25, 2020

How the Most Construction Accidents Occur [2020]

It is well-known that construction sites are one of the places where accidents happen most frequently. Construction businesses have to work hard to maintain a safe environment for their employees. Unfortunately, this is difficult to...
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Villarreal & Begum April 23, 2020

Will COVID-19 Affect My Personal Injury Case?

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to get worse, personal injury clients wonder what they should expect for their claims. Will there be delays in my case? Can I file a claim? The Villarreal and Begum...
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Villarreal & Begum April 21, 2020

How To Disinfect an Your Masks

Normally, KN95 and N95 masks are designed to be discarded after one use. However, due to the current pandemic, supplies have become low and attaining what would be considered a normal amount has become difficult....
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Villarreal & Begum April 20, 2020

Masks Now Required in San Antonio

As the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in San Antonio passes 1000, a new requirement has been made regarding masks. Starting today, all San Antonio residents above the age of 10 will have to...
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Villarreal & Begum April 16, 2020

Are Pickup Trucks Less Safe Than Cars and SUVs?

Pickup trucks are almost synonymous with the state of Texas. In fact, one out of every 5 trucks sold in the United States, is sold in Texas. Their ability to help with hard ranch work,...
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Villarreal & Begum April 16, 2020

Why You Should Always Get a Lawyer After a Crash

Getting in a car crash causes so much stress on a person. Not only is there going to be property damage, but you risk getting hurt physically as well. All of this mixed in with...
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Villarreal & Begum Law Firm April 15, 2020

How Do I Know if I Am Okay After a Car Accident?

Car accidents have the potential to significantly affect your health, regardless of their severity. Even minor fender-benders can result in nagging injuries that can take months or even years to recover from. However, it can...
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Villarreal & Begum April 14, 2020

Ensuring Evidence is Protected After a Semi-Truck Crash

15.5 million trucks transport goods across the country every year. With such a large presence, it’s not uncommon for these massive trucks to get into car crashes with passenger cars. These crashes often result in...
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