Villarreal & Begum October 28, 2020

Dangerous Drug: Elmiron May Be Linked to Blindness

Elmiron is a drug that has been used to treat patients suffering from pain related to bladder disorders. This drug works by creating a protective layer around the bladder to protect it from irritating or...
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Villarreal & Begum October 22, 2020

Common Damages to Claim After a Crash

Car accidents happen all the time. If you happen to be involved, it can be a serious undertaking to deal with.  Injuries and being out of a car on top of all our other responsibilities...
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Villarreal & Begum October 20, 2020

National Teen Driver Safety Week

From October 18 to the 24th is National Teen Driver Safety Week. While parents should always have conversations with their teens about road safety, this week highlights the dangers teen drivers face while on the...
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Villarreal & Begum October 5, 2020

Do Trucking Companies Cause Trucking Accidents?

The answer to this question is a bit complicated. Of course, it all depends on the circumstances of each crash. Every trucking accident and crash is unique. There could be a number of factors that...
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Villarreal & Begum October 1, 2020

The Real Health Risks of Fender Benders

A fender benders usually refer to low-speed rear-end accidents. These accidents happen often, and most people will experience at least one in their lifetime. However, the misconception about these accidents is that they aren't very...
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