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Villarreal & Begum November 26, 2019

In an Accident? Here’s What You Should Take Pictures Of


After an accident, the best thing you can do for your attorney is to take photos. The more pictures you have, the easier it will be for your lawyer to build your case. This is so you and your attorney can put together the story of what happened and have the ability to actually show what happened. This will help your case in the long run and could even make the difference between heading to court or being able to settle.

Get The Cars On Camera.

The first and most important thing to take pictures of are the cars involved. Be sure to get every angle possible. Even small details can make all the difference. Your lawyer can sometimes point out these details to show that there was no way you could have been negligent.  A dent in the door might show that the only possible scenario is that the other car involved was acting negligently. Remember, every detail matters, so make sure to get as many pictures of the cars involved.

Get Pictures Of Street Signs.

Did the other person ignore a stop or yield sign? Maybe they turned right on a red that had a “do not turn right on red sign.” These could be important factors in your case. However, that’s not the only reason you should take pictures of street signs. Getting pictures of street signs will help show where the crash took place. It might show that maybe the city was negligent, and the roads were not safe. Regardless of the situation, always take pictures of the street signs around you.

Take pictures of nearby buildings.

Taking pictures of buildings can also help in figuring out where the accident took place, but there is another factor that can be at play. In the modern age, security cameras are getting cheaper and easier to install. Smart homes and businesses have the ability to record everything surrounding them. This can provide you with the evidence you need. A camera could have recorded the whole accident and prove the guilty party acted negligently. Once knowing what business or home was in view, your lawyer can go and ask if they happened to be recording the street that their business or home faces.

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