Villarreal & Begum April 29, 2015

Reasons to Find a Lawyer Who Specializes in Car Accidents

Car accidents happen and are an unpleasant experience. They are scary, and determining the person at fault is never clear. It is the job of car accident attorneys to put the case in your favor while...
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Villarreal & Begum April 11, 2015

How a Lawyer Improves Your Chances of Winning a Case

It’s always a tough situation when you get in an accident and need to seek out a lawyer. But injury attorneys can be a great assistance. They are trained to assist families and individuals dealing with...
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Villarreal & Begum March 8, 2015

4 Ways To Stay Safe On A Motorcycle

Even the bravest daredevils will know that safety comes first. No matter how fast you’re going, there are certain ways of protecting yourself before you even sit down on your precious two-wheeled vehicle. Motorcycle riders...
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Villarreal & Begum February 21, 2015

How To Survive A Car Crash

Car crashes are the deadliest event that most people would ever encounter. Whether they are directly your fault or the fault of the other driver, both cars are at serious risk when they occur. Although...
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Villarreal & Begum February 8, 2015

Dangers of Fighting in the Car

In 2015,  News 4 San Antonio reported on a car accident in which a couple in had been killed after merging into oncoming traffic. The crash happened in San Antonio, and reports are coming out...
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Villarreal & Begum January 24, 2015

Habitual Drunk Drivers are Still on San Antonio Roads

Many people think that once you get one or two DUIs you should be removed from the road permanently. However, drunk drivers are given second chances and not always given the proper education to keep...
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Villarreal & Begum January 6, 2015

Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse isn’t always a problem you find at nursing homes, but on occasion it can pop up and stun the community around it. This means that you need to be on the lookout...
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Villarreal & Begum December 28, 2014

3 Ways To Avoid Pedestrian Accident

According to News 4 San Antonio, there was a San Antonio pedestrian accident that sent the person to the hospital. The car was out of control and jumped onto the sidewalk where the pedestrian was...
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Villarreal & Begum December 6, 2014

The Dangers of Roaming Dogs

According to a report, an 83 year old woman was attacked and killed after a dog attacked her in San Antonio. This is obviously an uncommon result to a dog attack, but it brings up...
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Villarreal & Begum November 18, 2014

Common Slip and Fall Accident Cases

When you get into a slip and fall accident in San Antonio, or anywhere in the country you might initially think that it is your fault. After all, you were the one who fell on...
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Villarreal & Begum November 5, 2014

How A San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Automobile accidents introduce a host of questions. This includes knowing who is at fault and who pays for the car damage. Who will pay the medical bills? Will the insurance company reimburse the lost wages?...
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Villarreal & Begum October 24, 2014

Dangers of Spinal Cord Injuries

We hear about spinal cord injuries in the news when they happen to professional San Antonio athletes. But when it comes to younger, amateur athletes, we don't always pay full attention to the dangers of...
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