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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: June 3rd, 2021

Common Nursing Home Abuse Cases

elderly man with nursing home staff member

Nursing home abuse involves situations that make most people cringe. To think that you put one of your elderly relatives in a home to make sure that they live a peaceful rest of their life, and then someone ruins it by abusing them in the process, is just unfathomable. There are plenty of different types of nursing home abuse cases, but there are a few common ones. Try to keep a lookout for. Make sure you screen those who are going to be taking care of your loved ones. Also, try to drop in regularly to check in on your elderly relative.

Keep a lookout for some of these common nursing home abuse cases.

Starving Your Elderly Relative

This is one of the easier types of abuse to get away with. Family members just assume that someone who loses weight is just getting a little bit older. They also might assume that their elderly relative is simply refusing to eat the food. This might be the case, but you also want to look into the people who are taking care of your elderly relative.  Make sure that they aren’t actually starving your relative. There have also been cases where elderly people have force-fed their food when they don’t actually want. This is considered a form of abuse as well.

Giving Out the Wrong Medication

If you have an elderly relative in a nursing home then you might notice that they are taking the wrong medication or they are receiving the wrong doses of medication while in the nursing home. Although it’s common for elderly people to mix up their medications, the point of putting someone into a nursing home is to have nurses and other staff members to help them understand how much medication they should take. If your elderly relative is getting sick or having side effects due to their medication you might check into what type of dosages are being given to them.

Physically or Verbally Abusing Them

This is probably the most common type of abuse that you see in nursing homes. This is because it’s the most common type of abuse in the world. Physical or verbal abuse is quite easy and elderly people often find it difficult to tell other people about this because they are ashamed or their relatives just don’t simply believe them.

If you or someone you know has been abused in a nursing home then let us know. Share how you responded to the abuse and if you ever contacted a personal injury lawyer in response. Let us know if we missed any other common types of nursing home abuse on this list.