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Villarreal & Begum April 25, 2016

How Most Construction Accidents Occur

San Antonio Construction Accident Attorney

It is well-known that construction sites are one of the places where accidents happen most frequently. Working on these sites are no doubt very hazardous. Construction businesses have to work hard to maintain a safe environment for their employees. Unfortunately, this is difficult to do since this type of work requires them to amass big buildings which are clearly going to put someone in the face of danger.

When it comes to working on a construction site, there is no shortage of dangerous situations and materials. Danger is lurking at every corner!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 775 deaths due to construction accidents in 2012. So, a disproportionately large amount of job-related deaths happens on construction sites. It is a risky job.

Below are some ways employees find themselves hurt or even worse on construction jobs.

  1. Taking a hard fall

People have died more on construction jobs by falling than anything else. In 2012 alone, 278 people experienced a fall that led to their death.

  1. Flying objects

The second most common accident on constructions sites is people being hit by objects. According to OSHA, 78 people died due to this. There were also several people who unfortunately found themselves stuck between two objects which ended up killing them.

  1. Electrocution

This same report indicates that 66 workers died due to electrocution that year.

In some cases, workers were not being protected from falls. Another issue was improper communication mechanisms for alerting workers of dangerous situations. Yet another was insufficient protection.

However, that is not all. Other hazards include:

  1. Random debris and appliances

People have been hurt or even killed by tools and materials falling on site. Think about it, if something such as a hammer falls from high enough, this could result is serious harm to whoever is at the receiving end of this potentially dangerous appliance.

The bigger and more weight a tool has means it is more of a hazard that could lead to death.

  1. Things burning and blowing up

When electrical jobs are left incomplete, this can spark a fire or even an explosive situation. When you have to work what seems like never ending long days, you can easily become tired while working and this makes the environment more accident prone.

  1. Car wrecks

Yep, car accidents are not just common for regular drivers, they happen on constructions sites too.

  1. Pipes, wires, and trenches

These things break down and cause large machines to fall on workers who are stuck there.

While there have been many changes over the years that make construction sites a better place, it is still one of the most dangerous work environments.