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Villarreal & Begum June 1, 2020

How to Find a Great Lawyer in Texas

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If you find yourself needing a personal injury attorney, you’ll probably feel overwhelmed by all the choices you have. If you’re in San Antonio, Brownsville, Laredo, or anywhere else in Texas, it could become quite the challenge to find the right lawyer for you. Below, we will discuss some tips for you to help narrow down your choices when you ready to pick a lawyer.

First Isn’t Always Best

When searching for a lawyer, your first response might be to turn to Google. This is a pretty normal thing to do, especially now. No matter what you’re searching for, search engines usually have the answer. However, the first result isn’t always the best. You’ll normally be guided to law firms with a high volume of cases. If you’re looking for a lawyer to take time with you and your case, this probably won’t be the best choice for you. Most people want a lawyer who is willing to make them their number one priority. If a lawyer is working a ton of other cases, getting the attention you deserve can be difficult. Keep this in mind when looking at bigger law firms.

While on Google, be sure to check out law firm websites. Websites contain necessary information and tell you a lot about the firm. For example, a lot of law practices focus on many different fields. While this may be convenient for some, if you have a personal injury case, you might be better off choosing a firm that is dedicated to fighting the insurance companies to get you the maximum amount of compensation possible. Law firms that practice personal injury, criminal, and family law under one roof might result in a case dragging on for longer or even result in you not getting all the money you deserve.

Ask Around

Personal injury cases are more common than you might think. Chances are, you know someone who had to go through this process before. Asking friends and family about recommendations on lawyers is a helpful way to get started when looking for an attorney. These people can tell you first hand how well their case was handled by a firm, and what you can expect. Alternatively, you can look at reviews online. No business is perfect, but you can easily find out how well the team at a law firm works by looking at the general consensus past clients have.

Injured? Contact a San Antonio Car Accident Attorney

At the Villarreal & Begum Law Firm, we have extensive knowledge of how insurance companies work and will fight for your legal rights if you have been injured in an accident. Our car accident lawyers understand how stressful it can be, especially if you are unable to work and facing a mountain of medical bills. With our assistance, we will help get your life headed in the right direction. Get in touch with our San Antonio office by calling (210) 777-4878, and schedule a free consultation, so we may answer any questions you have.