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Villarreal & Begum September 29, 2020

Keeping Children Safe While on the Road

después de un accident

Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day. No matter what safety precautions we take, we are still at risk of being victims of an accident on the road. What’s more terrifying is that our children might be in the car with us when this unfortunate event happens. While we can never completely shield children from the risk of being in an accident, there are things we can do to ensure their safety in these dangerous situations.  It’s essential to talk to your kids about car accidents and how to stay safe. Walking through car safety and making a plan in emergencies can make all the difference in these situations.

Road Safety

Children don’t always understand the importance of rules that are made to protect them. Sitting them down and explaining why wearing a seatbelt is important can help them understand that this is for their safety.  However, being in the car isn’t the only time you should talk about road safety. Children need to understand the rules of pedestrians when walking near roads. Explain to them the importance of looking both ways before crossing the street and how to cross the street safely. Things like darting out in the middle of the road can not only cause your child harm but cause multiple accidents with other motorists. If you have a younger child, always be sure you have the right child car seat for them. Here is a link on some tips for what to do with car seats for children.

Give Incentives To Following the Rules

If you have an especially uncooperative child, you can always incentivize their good behavior. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to spoil them. Allowing them to do something they enjoy for a little bit longer or even telling them they did a good job following the rules can be motivating enough for some kids. Be sure to be creative. As all parents know, there isn’t a miracle method to getting your kids to behave. Be sure to be creative when you have to. Ensuring your child’s safety is the most important job parents have!

Protect Your Child While Driving

Once you get on the road, remember to always drive defensively, and avoid distractions like your smartphone. Additional ways to keep your young charges safe from car crashes include:

  • If a collision can’t be avoided and there’s time, steer the hood of the car toward it so there is less impact to the passenger area.
  • Should you see a wreck ahead of you, slow down, steer away from it, and if possible, get off the road so that your vehicle is not part of a pile up.
  • Should you realize an accident will occur, tell children to put their heads down and hold tight.
  • After a collision, if you can move the vehicle to the side of the road do so while asking passengers if they are injured. If you can’t move the vehicle, try to assess whether your child can be removed from the car safely to avoid any injury from a secondary crash.
  • Make sure you keep calm and reassure your child. Tell them you know it is scary, but helpers are on the way.
  • Seek medical care. Even if you think you are uninjured, or your child doesn’t appear to be, car accident injuries can present a few days after. It is essential that children be checked for concussion especially.



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