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Villarreal & Begum June 16, 2020

Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know


No matter where you are in Texas, there are just somethings that adjusters won’t tell you after an accident. It’s unfortunate that so many people count on adjusters to treat them fairly, in order to get the compensation they deserve. Sadly, adjusters aren’t in the business of treating their customers, or their customer’s victims, fairly. There in the business of making profits. Because of that, adjusters will not tell you the vital information you need to know to help in your decision-making process.

Property Damage Claims

If you’re a third party seeking a property damage claim, the insurance companies have the upper hand. The truth is, the insurance companies know you have little recourse in this situation. The insurance company doesn’t have to worry about treating you fairly, because you’re not their customer. You’re forced to negotiate the best offer possible, and more times than not you’re going to walk away with less than you deserve.

We Get Paid to Pay you Less

Adjusters who work in-house for their insurance companies are paid to save their company money. In Texas, many adjusters are given guidelines on what they can and cannot do when offering you a settlement. In many cases, adjusters use programs designed to help adjusters offer as little as possible. Many of these programs have been banned in states across the U.S. but remain as a staple in the states they’re allowed in. Personal injury attorneys know the games these adjusters play, and can more effectively get you the settlement you deserve.

Hire a Lawyer

The one thing you can count on your adjuster telling you is that you shouldn’t hire a lawyer. They’ll frame lawyers as expensive luxuries, that you can afford. This isn’t the case. Most personal injury attorneys only get paid if they win your case. That way, if you lose your case, your not out of anything. Hiring an experienced attorney can only help your case. Anyone who has to worry about the insurance companies should seriously consider hiring a lawyer.

Texas Accident Lawyer.

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