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Villarreal & Begum July 27, 2020

What Causes Wrong-way Crashes?

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Wrong-way accidents happen more often then you would think. In fact, every year, over 300 people die due to wrong-way drivers. That’s 1% of car accident fatalities that are completely avoidable. Despite improvements in road signs and highways in general, wrong-way driving still is a significant problem on American roadways.

Wrong-way driving usually results in serious injuries to those involved. These head-on collisions often happen at high speeds, and may even result in fatalities. If a victim is lucky to survive, they often face a long road to recovery. Extensive medical treatment is required, and that comes with expensive medical bills. Often, victims suffer from back and neck trauma, or even traumatic brain injuries. Sometimes, broken bones or other internal injuries can result from wrong-way accidents. This has many wondering, what causes these devastating accidents?

Often, those at fault for wrong-way accidents are intoxicated. Drunk driving makes up a significate portion of the causes of wrong-way driving. Another common cause is fatigued drivers. Usually, this happens late at night. The low visibility combined with the inability to focus can lead to this unfortunate situation. But this doesn’t mean these are the only causes. Even sober and wide awake drivers can cause these accidents.

What can we do to prevent these accidents?

Luckily, TxDOT has taken a few precautions to help to prevent these accidents. Often, one-way exits have reflective signs informing drivers if they are going the wrong way. Some roads even have warning systems. These systems inform police if drivers are driving on the wrong side of the road. However, these systems are expensive and difficult to implement. So, only short stretches and accident-prone roads have them. The best way you can prevent these accidents is to stop drunk drivers. If you know someone is driving intoxicated or witnessed a wrong-way driver, call 911 immediately. The police will try and locate the driver before they have the chance to harm anyone.

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