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Laredo Slip and Fall Attorney

If you or a loved one suffered a slip and fall injury while on someone else’s property, the property owner may be liable for the harm and losses you endured. Property owners have a duty to keep their premises free of hazards that could harm others.

The slip and fall attorneys at Villarreal & Begum Law Firm can evaluate your accident and determine whether negligence was involved in the accident and whether you are entitled to take action against the property owner. If you have a valid slip and fall claim, Villarreal & Begum Law Firm’s attorneys are prepared to make your case for the maximum compensation possible to cover your medical bills, lost earnings, physical pain, and emotional suffering.

Villarreal & Begum Law Firm’s Laredo personal injury attorneys are:

  • Proud to serve the residents of Laredo and the surrounding areas;
  • Friendly and compassionate, offering personalized attention to clients; and
  • Prepared to fight aggressively for victims of slip and fall and other personal injury accidents.

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Let Our Experienced Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys Help You

Slip and fall injuries are, for the most part, avoidable. However, businesses and property owners do not always take the time and effort to maintain and keep their properties safe for visitors. There are actions injured visitors to these properties can take to hold these negligent property owners accountable for their lack of care.

At Villarreal & Begum Law Law Firm, our passionate and effective legal counsel is here to help you stand up to business owners, property owners, and insurance companies after your slip and fall accident.

Trust our passionate and effective legal counsel to do the following and more on your behalf:

  • Investigate the circumstances of your accident;
  • Gather relevant evidence;
  • Determine what caused your accident;
  • Consult with the needed accident and injury experts to build your claim;
  • Enter negotiations and work towards a just and proper settlement; or
  • Represent you at trial, should you be offered less than a favorable settlement.

Contact Villarreal & Begum Law Office in Laredo to learn more about how we might be able to help you. There is no charge for your initial consultation.

Common Locations for Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen in just about any private or public space. However, the majority of slip and fall accidents occur in the following:

  • Grocery stores;
  • Retail stores;
  • Restaurants;
  • Hotels;
  • Parking lots;
  • Sidewalks;
  • Job sites;
  • Schools; and
  • Government buildings.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Regardless of where a slip and fall danger exists, a property owner must repair or warn their visitors about it. Even a minor safety issue can cause unsuspecting visitors to slip and fall, injuring themselves.

Some of the dangerous conditions that can cause slip and fall accidents can include:

  • Wet floors;
  • Loose tiles and floorboards;
  • Uneven surfaces;
  • Poor lighting;
  • Loose electrical cords;
  • Broken stairs; and
  • Broken handrails.

Contact an Experienced Laredo Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Today

Following a slip and fall accident in Laredo, don’t hesitate to call Villarreal & Begum Law Firm for help. Our slip and fall attorneys strive to get you the maximum compensation permissible for your injuries while holding negligent property owners liable for their actions.

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