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San Antonio Construction Accident Attorney

Have you been injured working at a worksite? All building sites expose workers to hazardous situations and it is the duty of the employer to shield their employees from these potential liabilities. A San Antonio construction accident lawyer from the Villarreal & Begum, LAW GUNS can help you seek the compensation you deserve for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost income. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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If you or a loved one has been injured at work on a construction site, find an attorney who has the experience necessary to take your case and win. At the Villarreal & Begum, LAW GUNS, we believe in standing up for those who have been injured on the job.

  • Every client who comes to our firm will receive immediate attention in detailed care to their case.
  • With a 99% case success rate, we have a proven track record of results. We have secured over $500 million in settlements and verdicts for our clients.
  • You will always have access to your attorney to answer any questions and concerns you have about your case. We are dedicated to giving personalized attention to each client.
  • We understand that you may not have the financial resources to pay for an attorney upfront. That is why we take these cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you owe us nothing until we secure the compensation you deserve.

Why do you need an attorney for a construction accident in San Antonio?

Most construction site injuries will be covered by workers’ compensation insurance, but that does not mean a lawyer will not be needed. In these cases, there is always a chance that your employer or the insurance carrier will deny or delay your claim. Your San Antonio construction accident attorney will be responsible for:

  • Gathering all evidence related to the incident that caused the injury, including eyewitness accounts, accident reports, video surveillance of the incident, and more.
  • Obtaining your medical records and ensuring they are reviewed by a trusted healthcare professional who can fully assess the extent of your injuries.
  • Negotiating with the insurance carrier to obtain a settlement that covers all of your accident-related expenses.
  • Preparing to file a lawsuit if that is what it will take to secure the compensation you deserve.

san antonio construction accident attorney

How common are construction accident injuries in San Antonio?

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous to work in in the United States. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 21% percent of all work-related deaths in the country happened in the construction industry. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported around 150,000 incidents causing injuries during the latest reporting year.

There are various types of injuries that can occur at a construction site. The San Antonio construction accident lawyers at the Villarreal & Begum, LAW GUNS regularly help clients in Bexar County and throughout Texas who have suffered from the following:

Repetitive stress injuries are also common in the construction industry due to workers performing the same motions over and over again for long periods of time.

Common Types of Construction Accidents in Texas

  • Toxic Material Exposure, such as Asbestos
  • Crane Collapses
  • Electrical Shock
  • Defective Equipment
  • Heavy Machinery Accidents
  • Falls
  • Faulty Scaffolding
  • Work Vehicle vs. Pedestrian

Worksites are notorious for being dangerous and thus have strict guidelines for safety. Any worker or passersby who is injured by the negligence of a company or builder has the right to compensation. After any site injury, you should receive a complete medical evaluation to ensure your well-being.

What kind of compensation should you receive?

There are various types of compensation available for those injured on the job at a construction site. Our San Antonio construction accident lawyers can help you secure compensation for all of your medical bills and expenses related to the injury. They will also work to secure compensation for lost income if you are unable to work while you recover. The total amount of compensation you are entitled to will depend on the severity of your injuries, whether you have become disabled, the amount of time you missed from work, and various other factors.

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The work environment vector poses more risks to employees than any other industry on land. It is imperative for workers to know their rights and seek legal compensation if they were injured. Our San Antonio personal injury lawyers at the Villarreal & Begum, LAW GUNS can help you seek punitive damages and compensation for your construction injuries.