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What happens after you get in a car accident? Do you contact your insurance company? Do you get your car repaired? There are various questions that arise when someone crashes into your car. It is often tedious and stressful to understand what insurance is responsible for your damages and injuries and what damages you are entitled to receiving.

The San Antonio car crash lawyers at Villarreal & Begum Law Firm know the answers to these questions, and we’re here to help you decipher the mess. Talking with insurance adjusters who are paid to low ball or undervalue your claim can be frustrating. Insurance corporations hire teams of lawyers to defend, delay and ultimately underpay claims. It is only fair that you level the playing field by hiring experienced lawyers who are trained to deal with the insurance companies and their team of professionals.

vb group San Antonio car accident attorneys


If you or someone you know was recently in a car accident in the San Antonio area you probably have questions piling up. Choose a law group that knows how to handle car crash cases, and come into the Villarreal & Begum Law Firm to go through a free consultation. What will we cover when you walk through our doors?

● Working with insurance companies
● Preventing accidents from occurring in the future
● How to handle a car accident if you don’t have insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover the crash
● Statute of limitation in Texas
● How long you can wait for making a claim
● Figuring out who is at fault for the accident
● Compiling evidence for a court of law
● How to handle injuries that occur during a automobile wreck
● The amount of money needed to cover the damages to your automobile

Benefits of Using a San Antonio Car Crash Attorney

Thousands of car accidents happen every day, and although you may have a small amount of knowledge regarding insurance claims and car accident law, we encourage you to seek legal help. Injury law is complex and requires a team of professionals who works on it every day. If you miss something while handling the case yourself you risk losing money and not being able to pay for your damages. There’s also a chance that you have to battle large teams of adjusters and lawyers put together by insurance companies companies. The Villarreal & Begum Law Firm has the experience and knowledge required to level the playing field.

Car accidents often lead to serious injuries or death. Our San Antonio car accident lawyers at VB Law Group work to ensure you receive the proper compensation for these damages while you cope with the grieving process. You might need medical attention or even psychological help after a car accident. Leave it to an accident attorney to get compensation to pay for these services.

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auto accident lawyers San Antonio vb groupCall our San Antonio car accident lawyers to receive the attention you deserve for your unexpected car crash. Don’t wait for the insurance companies to contact you or a company to take away your rights by putting together a strong legal team. We help you get your life in order and give you the confidence to get back on the road. Call the San Antonio car accident lawyers at Villarreal & Begum at 210.777.4878 for your free consultation. Speak with one of our friendly legal professionals and get the money you deserve for your car accident.

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