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Contingency Lawyers in San Antonio

Every day, people across San Antonio are injured in accidents that could have been prevented. You could be shopping at your local grocery when you slip and fall in unmopped water or suffer catastrophic injuries because a drunk driver runs a red light at an intersection. When you’re left unable to work and facing a growing pile of medical expenses, you may wonder whether you can afford to hold the negligent party accountable.

At the Villarreal & Begum, LAW GUNS, we believe that legal representation should be accessible to everyone, especially those who were injured due to negligence. That’s why we offer our services on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t have to worry about upfront legal fees. Our payment is contingent upon winning your case; if we don’t win, you don’t pay. This approach allows you to focus on what’s most important – your recovery and well-being.

Our experienced contingency lawyers in San Antonio are dedicated to fighting for your rights and holding those responsible for your injury accountable. We handle all the legal details, from gathering evidence to negotiating with insurance companies, so you can concentrate on getting your life back on track. Remember: you’re not just a case number to us. We’re here to help you, every step of the way.

What is Contingency Representation?

Contingency representation is a financial arrangement where a lawyer’s fees depend on the outcome of a case. Simply put, if your lawyer does not win the case or secure a favorable settlement for you, you don’t have to pay their fees. This is different from traditional fee structures where clients usually pay lawyers an hourly rate or a fixed fee regardless of the case outcome.

In a contingency fee agreement, the lawyer typically takes a percentage of your settlement amount or court award as their fee. This percentage is agreed upon before they start working on the case. It’s important to note that while the lawyer’s fees are contingent on winning, you might still be responsible for certain costs like court filing fees or expenses for gathering evidence.

The main advantage of choosing a contingency lawyer is the reduced financial risk. Since you don’t pay unless you win, there’s less financial burden, which is especially important for those who might not afford to pay a lawyer upfront. This arrangement also motivates lawyers to work diligently on your case, as their payment depends on the success of the case.

How Our Contingency Lawyers in San Antonio Work

Your experience with us begins with a free initial consultation. During this meeting, you’ll discuss your case with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys. This is your opportunity to share the details of your situation, and it’s our chance to understand how we can best assist you. We encourage you to ask questions and express any concerns you may have.

After the initial consultation, we’ll evaluate your case thoroughly. This involves reviewing all relevant details, such as accident reports, medical records, and any other evidence you may have. Our goal is to get a comprehensive understanding of your case to determine the best course of action.

If we believe that we can effectively represent you, and you decide to proceed with us, we will enter into a representation agreement. This agreement will detail our contingency fee structure and the terms of our representation.

Once you’ve retained us, our team will begin a detailed investigation. This may involve gathering additional evidence, consulting with experts, and building a strong legal argument on your behalf. We handle all aspects of the case preparation to ensure your claim is as robust as possible.

With a solid case prepared, we then enter into negotiations with the opposing party or their insurance company. We aim to achieve a fair settlement that covers your medical bills and other losses without the need for a trial. If a reasonable settlement can’t be reached, we are prepared to take your case to trial. Our skilled trial lawyers will represent you in court, advocating for your rights and the financial compensation you deserve.

Whether through a settlement or a court verdict, we work toward a resolution that serves your best interests. Once your case is resolved, we will ensure that the agreed-upon compensation is disbursed to you promptly.

Contingency Fee Calculation

In contingency cases, our fees are a percentage of the settlement amount or court award you receive. This percentage is agreed upon in advance and is only applicable if we win your case or achieve a settlement. There are no upfront costs for our legal services. It’s important to note that while our fees are contingent on the case’s success, there might be some out-of-pocket costs or expenses related to preparing your case, which will be discussed with you upfront.

At the Villarreal & Begum, LAW GUNS, our process is transparent, client-focused, and designed to reduce your stress and uncertainty. We handle the legal measures while you focus on recovery and moving forward with your life.

What Does ‘No Win, No Fee’ Really Mean?

The term ‘no win, no fee’ is quite straightforward. It means that if your San Antonio personal injury lawyer does not win your case or secure a settlement for you, you will not be required to pay their legal fees. Here’s how it works:

  • Agreement: When you hire a lawyer on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, you enter into an agreement where the lawyer’s fees are contingent upon the successful resolution of your case. 
  • Legal Representation: The lawyer works on your case, provides legal advice, represents you in negotiations with the insurance company or in court, and tries to secure a favorable outcome for you.
  • Outcome-Based Payment: If the personal injury attorney wins your case or negotiates a settlement that you accept, they will then receive a percentage of the compensation as their fee. This percentage is usually agreed upon beforehand.
  • No Success, No Fees: If the personal injury lawyer does not win your case – meaning there is no compensation awarded to you – then they do not receive any payment for their services.

It’s important to understand that while you may not have to pay attorney fees if you lose, there might still be other costs associated with your case, like court filing fees or expenses for gathering evidence. These should be discussed with your accident attorney at the start of your agreement.

How Are Expenses Handled In A Contingency Fee Arrangement?

During a personal injury case, several expenses can arise, such as court filing costs, fees for obtaining medical records, expert witness fees, and expenses related to gathering evidence. These are different from the attorney’s fees, which are based on the outcome of the case.

In some cases, the personal injury law firm may cover these expenses as they occur. This means the firm pays for the necessary costs upfront, and these are then accounted for separately from the contingency fee (the percentage of the settlement or award that goes to the attorney).

If the case is successful and results in a settlement or a court award, the expenses that the law firm pays upfront are typically reimbursed from this amount. This reimbursement is separate from the contingency fee. For example, if you win a settlement, the law firm will deduct the expenses they covered from the total settlement amount first, then apply their contingency fee percentage to the remaining amount.

When you enter into a contingency fee agreement, the handling of expenses should be clearly outlined. Make sure you understand and agree to how these costs will be managed, both in the event of a successful or unsuccessful case.

Areas of Personal Injury Practice

At the Villarreal & Begum, LAW GUNS, we handle a wide range of personal injury cases on a contingency basis. Our experienced legal team is dedicated to helping injured clients make their way through the settlement process and achieve justice. Here are some of the many practice areas we handle:

  • Truck Accidents: Due to their size and weight, commercial vehicles like trucks can cause significant property damage, injuries, and even wrongful death. Our truck accident lawyers handle cases where negligent driving or cargo management has had a devastating impact on people’s lives.
  • Car Accidents: Auto accidents are a common cause of injuries. If you’ve been hurt in a collision, our San Antonio car accident attorneys can help you seek maximum compensation for medical bills and other monetary damages.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcyclists face higher risks on the road and are more likely to sustain serious injuries in accidents. We have a strong track record of representing motorcyclists who have been harmed due to others’ negligence.
  • ATV Accidents: We handle personal injury accidents involving all-terrain vehicles, which often result in severe injuries, especially to children and younger riders.
  • Boating Accidents: Similar to road vehicles, negligent operation of boats can lead to serious accidents. Our experienced attorneys represent clients injured in such incidents.
  • Hazardous Construction Sites: Construction site accidents require an understanding of legal and industry-specific knowledge. We work to ensure fair compensation for injuries sustained in such environments.
  • Dangerous Products: When manufacturers prioritize cost or speed over safety, resulting in injury or death, we step in to hold them accountable for their defective products.
  • Poorly Maintained Premises: Accident injuries on someone else’s property due to poor maintenance can lead to personal injury claims against the property owner for their negligence and failure to meet their duty of care.
  • Medical Malpractice: Patients injured due to a medical professional’s deviation from standard medical care, including surgical errors, misdiagnosis, or medication errors, deserve rightful compensation.
  • Daycare Abuse: We advocate for the rights of children abused or neglected in daycare settings, holding both the individuals and the facilities accountable.
  • Nursing Home Abuse: Our personal injury firm stands against the mistreatment, neglect, or abuse of residents in nursing homes, ensuring that responsible parties are held accountable.

At the Villarreal & Begum, LAW GUNS, we bring experience and compassion to every case. Our goal is to help our clients get the reasonable settlement or verdict they deserve for their injuries and losses.

Get a Free Consultation With a Contingency Lawyer in San Antonio

At the Villarreal & Begum, LAW GUNS, we understand the challenges you face when dealing with the aftermath of an injury. You deserve a legal team that is not only skilled and experienced but also deeply committed to your cause. Our contingency fee structure reflects our belief in accessibility and fairness in legal representation. You should not have to bear the burden of legal fees unless we successfully resolve your case.

Don’t let the fear of legal expenses prevent you from seeking justice. At the Villarreal & Begum, LAW GUNS, your fight becomes our fight. We are here to offer support, guidance, and robust legal representation. To schedule your free initial consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers, call (210) 800-0000 or contact us online today.