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San Antonio Wrongful Death Attorneys

Wrongful death is an exceedingly painful experience. If your loved one has died due to the negligence or reckless behavior of another, you find yourself in a never-ending nightmare from which there is no wakening. If the decedent was the primary or sole provider of the family, grief is compounded by immediate and possibly desperate financial concerns. It is vitally important that you contact a Texas wrongful death attorney that is expert intensive in wrongful death cases.

Wrongful death occurs when the negligence of one person or entity causes the death of another. Wrongful death statutes vary greatly from state to state. Texas has very specific statutes governing not only who is allowed to file a wrongful death suit but the time limit for filing. Certain factors may also need to be considered in making the correct determinations. Only a Texas wrongful death attorney will have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that the survivors receive the compensation they deserve. It is also very important that your attorney have compassion and an understanding of the depth of shock, grief and concern you will be experiencing. We have the experience, knowledge and compassion to walk you through this most difficult time. Villarreal & Begum is a Texas law firm. We will see to it that all negligent parties are held accountable. That is as it should be.

What to do Now

Call a Texas wrongful death attorney. Do not hesitate. The death of a loved one is always painful. When the death was due to negligence, the grief is compounded by many different emotions. You are no doubt, overwhelmed and perhaps even fearful. If the decedent was your spouse, financial concerns complicate this already difficult time. When you are trying to deal with the loss, you may not want to think about talking to an attorney. In fact, you may not be able to think clearly at all. This is a time when you must push through your grief to contact a wrongful death attorney in Texas. Only then, will you have taken the correct steps toward protecting your rights and your future. Only then can you truly devote your energies to emotional healing that must come.

Once we become your advocate, we will bear the responsibility for taking all of the necessary steps toward getting the maximum compensation you are entitled to. You may be entitled to recover medical expenses, funeral expenses and obtain compensation for future financial losses, your emotional pain and suffering. In some cases, punitive damages may be awarded.

Is it a Wrongful Death Claim?

Only an experienced Texas wrongful death attorney can evaluate your claim. Some of the common causes of wrongful death are:

  • 18 wheeler accidents
  • Auto accidents
  • Violent acts such as stabbings and gunshot wounds
  • Reckless boating
  • Faulty product
  • Workplace accident

We believe you deserve justice and full compensation. We believe that the negligent and the reckless be held accountable for your horrific loss. We have helped numerous others. Let us help you. Call Villarreal & Begum now for your free consultation and evaluation of your claim. Let us get started helping you to recover.

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