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Villarreal & Begum February 17, 2020

Risks Associated with Working in Construction

construction worker helping injured coworker

It should come to as no surprise that one of the most dangerous industries to work in is construction. Heavy machinery, massive heights, holes, and much more all make it easy to be injured on the worksite. Even the smallest mistake can lead to lead to someone getting seriously injured. However, construction companies and other entities running construction projects have a responsibility to keep both a worksite itself and close by areas free of hazards. But if you’re on-site, or near a construction project, what should you look out for to keep yourself safe?

Construction Debris

Always be on the lookout for falling debris. Sometimes, debris is difficult to contain. However, when a project is well above street level, the people running the project have a duty to keep the area safe. Falling debris posses a real danger to pedestrians and other workers below. If something falls and obstructs a common walking area, those in charge of the project have a responsibility to clear the walkway. If someone falls or trips as a result of the debris, they could face a lawsuit. in

Pits and Holes

During any kind of excavation project its important to keep barriers and visual warnings in place. If these hazards are not properly marked, a person can easily fall in and suffer an injury. Many people are surprised by how easy it is to fall into a hole. Even if you’re paying attention, holes can be easy to miss. Falling into them can pose a risk for serious injuries. If there isn’t any warning, those responsible can face a serious lawsuit.

Get Help from a Construction Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident in San Antonio, call Villarreal & Begum as soon as possible. We take every step to thoroughly investigate construction site accidents. We identify the liable party and the underlying cause of your injury. If a party is at fault, we can represent you in pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Call us today at (210) 777-4878, or  schedule your free consultation online.