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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: May 24th, 2023

Amazon Settles Warehouse Injury Case for $20M


The three companies involved in a warehouse accident that injured two ironworkers settled a lawsuit brought against them. Duke Realty, Steel King, and Amazon agreed to pay Mr. Johnson and Woods a total of $19.96 million. The case came about when the two ironworkers suffered severe injuries after a large metal rack fell on them. According to the lawsuit, all the companies were negligent and failed to follow safety procedures. The rack that fell was not bolted to the floor like it was required to. So, when an unlicensed forklift operator knocked into it, the rack fell and caused the two men career-ending injuries.

One of the ironworkers says his upper row of teeth have been displaced, and his jaw was wired shut for over two months. He has also suffered unrepairable nerve damage, causing him to suffer from uncontrollable twitching and double vision. The other worker injured his left knee and right wrist. He underwent surgery for both and needed a knee replacement. Amazon has recently come under fire for a number of safety issues, regarding its working conditions and even the products they sell. A number of lawsuits name Amazon responsible for injuries, property damage, and even deaths.

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