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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: May 24th, 2023

Carnival Sued For Wrongful Death

wrongful death

The family of Jeffrey Scott Eisenman is suing Carnival Corp. Mr. Eisenman suffered and later died of a heart attack onboard one of Carnival’s ships. The family claims the cruise line’s outrageous conduct stops Mr. Eisenman from receiving care that could have saved his life. According to the suit, the ship was docked on the island of Grand Turk when Eisenman began his cardiac episode. While it was serious, the family argues that it was survivable. They claim that the staff on the boat refused to let Eisenman and his family off the ship during the 12-hour ordeal. They refused to allow Eiseman to seek emergency care elsewhere despite the fact that their onboard medical department was unequipped to treat a heart attack.

The family said in a statement  “The facts underpinning [the claims for intentional infliction of emotional distress] took place over a span of more than 12 hours while the Eisenman plaintiffs were confined to the vessel, after being misled by Carnival, and repeatedly having basic requests to debark at port ignored while their loved one was in the throes of a cardiac incident that could not be treated onboard.” Carnivals responded in a statement saying “There is no indication in the complaint, nor any reasonable inference that can be made from the allegations therein, that [Carnival] or its personnel intended to cause Mr. Eisenman any harm by not disembarking him from the ship in Grand Turk so that he could go to a hospital in the United States.”

According to the family, the events began to unfold around 2 p.m. It was then a doctor diagnosed Eisenman with a major heart attack. He was vomiting, sweating, and complaining of chest pain before seeing the doctor. Eisenman needed to be air evacuated to Miami. However, at 4:00 pm, the crew claimed they could not let the family leave. Apparently, someone else needed to disembark for medical reasons, before them. After hours of pleading with the staff, the captain orders the ship to go to its next destination. Mr. Eisenman then passed away at 3:30 am.

Wrongful Death Litigation

A wrongful death claim is substantially different than a normal personal injury case. Due to the complexities surrounding the burden of proof, it is important to have an attorney that is experienced with navigating the case law that is required to successfully present a case. Whereas with a personal injury case, the soft records of the injury can be used to provide documentation of the damages, in a wrongful death claim that type of documentation is not as easy to obtain. Having an attorney that can fight for the appropriate amount of compensation to assist the living beneficiaries with life after the person’s death is something that takes skill, compassion, and knowledge of the law.

If you have questions about filing a wrongful death claim, finding the right representation is essential. Our team of attorneys has vast experience in wrongful death claims.  We will do everything that we can to get the best possible result for the family members left behind. Call Thee Texas Law Guns at our San Antonio office or contact us online for a consultation so that we can show you how our expertise can work for you.