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What Happens if You are Wrongfully Accused of Negligence After a Car Accident

Most articles you read about in terms of personal injury are designed to help those who have been physically harmed by other people. These articles are great for those who are in the clear and just need help getting the compensation they deserve, but what about those who are wrongfully accused of something? For example, what if someone cuts you off in traffic, causing you to crash your vehicle? Chances are you will get a personal injury lawyer, but what if the other person accuses you of negligence? They might state that you were driving recklessly or cut them off, even if they have to lie in order to make their story better.

Let’s take a look at what happens and how you should respond if someone wrongfully accused of negligence after a car accident.

what to do if wrongfully accused of negligence

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Immediately

This is the first step in proving your innocence and turning the tables to make sure the other person is charged for their negligence. If you contact a personal injury lawyer you might start to realize that many lawyers only take cases they can clearly win. In this case you really have to work to find a San Antonio car accident lawyer who is willing to represent the wrongfully accused. Seek out someone with a history of working with wrongfully accused car accident victims.

Gather a Team of Witnesses Who Will Help Tell Your Story

One of your best bets of getting out of a wrongful accusation is to put together a team of credible witnesses. This means that these people should have been at the scene of the accident. Look for businesses in the area that might have raw camera footage. Ask people in the area who might have seen the crash and ask for their personal contact information. If you can’t find any firsthand witnesses to help you, then find others who know about your personal reputation. Sometimes a boss or relative can help in explaining how safe you are in your life.

Put Together Your History to Help Your Case

A nice way to help indicate that someone else was negligent is to prove that you are a model citizen. Put together documentation to show how you have an excellent driving record or how you have never been in an accident. Records like these are great for showing that you are an ideal driver, and if the other person is known for getting in accidents then your case gets even stronger.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below if you have ever been wrongfully accused of negligence after a car accident. Let us know how you responded and if you got out of the accusation. Were you eventually able to turn the tables and get the compensation you deserved?