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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: May 23rd, 2023

Hiring Injury Attorneys is Inevitable for Car Accident Victims

car crashes

Have you had an auto accident anytime, recently or sometime long ago? If no or yes, the first concern is to recover from injuries suffered, work with insurance companies and repair your automobile.  However, if you become the victim in any San Antonio car accident, you must consider hiring a car accident attorney in San Antonio to assist you in recovering money and also to compensate you for the suffering and pain, besides paying the accident related bills.

San Antonio car accidents may cause severe or fatal injuries. If there is an involvement of alcohol, the driver will be prosecuted by the state, if he is found guilty. However, for other car accidents, your insurance company, you and the other car driver will have to deal with car repair expenses and medical bills. Conversely, these issues are settled in court.

Automobile Accident Causes

  • Diverted Drivers: The diverted drivers include driver’s texting or talking on the phone, fiddling with music, paying attention to passengers talking or looking at the scenery.
  • Impaired Drivers: This includes drivers who are more than the legal limit of blood-alcohol.
  • Drowsy Drivers: This includes the list of people behind the wheel driving after a heavy meal or at night and even drivers who have taken medicine causing drowsiness.
  • Speed: Over speed driving, unmindful of the speed limitations.
  • Driving Aggressively: This includes ignoring traffic signals while driving, making rude gestures or yelling at other drivers, failing to yield, tailgating and frequently changing lanes.
  • Weather: This includes driving when there is ice, fog, snow, rain, wind and sleet.

Automobile Accident Victims

Automobile accident victims include the driver of the car, co-passengers, spouse of the injured person and bystanders. Auto-accident victims recover money sometimes from the owner or the driver of the other car. He is liable to pay for the car damage, present and future medical bills, in case there is an incident of permanent injury caused due to this car accident. There may be chances to get punitive damages; even then, the other driver is to be punished for this action.

You may also be contacted by the insurance company of the other driver. If so, you should provide information besides your contact information. You may give a description of your injuries, but you need not force yourself to do so. Instead hire a San Antonio personal injury attorney to handle the injuries caused due to auto accidents so that he or she helps in negotiating with the insurance company or to decide if your case should be filed and heard in the court. If you have to file your case, your personal injury attorney will help you throughout the case.

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