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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: April 9th, 2020

How to Identify Nursing Home Abuse When You Are in Doubt

How to Tell If a Nursing Home Is Neglecting a Loved One

Nursing home abuse is a problem that most people scoff at, because it’s absurd to think about someone who would have the audactity to abuse someone in their older years. These nursing home residents are weaker and more vulnerable than they ever have been in their entire lives, making them particularly susceptible to problems with abusers. Nursing home abuse isn’t alwatys easy to identify, especially since nursing home residents can often just not like their housing situation and complain about the nurses or tell their fmaily members that they aren’t being treated properly. When this happens it’s difficult to tell whether the elderly person is getting abused, or if they are simply not in the right state of mind. So, how do you identify nursing home abuse without disrespecting people who are just doing their jobs or without invading the privacy of other residents. After all, you don’t want to make a mistake and blame people for something they didn’t do.

Let’s take a look to see how you can identify actual nursing home abuse.

Make a List of Problems With Your Relative

If you older relative truly believe they are being abused, sit down with them and write down a list of things that are happening. Make sure they understand that these are serious allegations. Sitting down and writing down this information should also help clarify the severity of the situation for your relative, since they will hopefully start to see that another person’s job is in danger if they keep going forward with it.

Speak With the Nursing Home Management

Although sometimes the nursing home management is the root cause of the problems, you can always speak with the management to see if they have noticed anything susicious with their employees. The worst thing you can do with this is get the management to shape up or crack down on the abuse. You might tip the nursing home management off to get a lawyer, but as long as you have your own personal injury lawyer you can battle this result.

If You Truly Suspect Abuse, Leave a Recording Device in Your Relative’s Room

It’s not an invasion of privacy if the person looking out for your relative should be doing their job by looking after your relative and treating them with respect. In order to gather evidence and not affect any of the other residents, place a recording device in your relative’s room to see if anything fishy is going on. Only do this once, and then ask your relative what happened during the day. If they report that bad things were happening, and nothing actually did, you can write this off as your relative just making up a story. If not, then you can use this recording as evidence to get the compensation your relative deserves.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about figuring out whether or not there is nursing home abuse going on in your relative’s home. Share your thoughts and opinions on discovering the abuse and how to go about preventing it in the future.