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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: January 7th, 2022

Where Are You Most Likely to Crash in San Antonio?


According to information obtained from the Texas Department of Transportation, every 10 minutes, a car crash occurs in San Antonio. That ends up being over 50,000 total crashes every year. While crashes don’t necessarily happen exactly 10 minutes apart from each other, it is helpful in imagining how often collisions occur. But where do these crashes happen? Is everywhere in the city equally likely to have a crash? While an accident can happen anywhere, there are parts of the city we see significantly more crashes.

High-congestion and high-speed roads like loop 410, I-35 and loop 1604 are areas where we see a lot of crashes. To be exact, the largest number of collisions happen during the Thursday rush hour. Usually, 5 to 7 pm are the worst times to be on any road in Bexar county. While this is unfortunate news, this data can be extremely helpful in implementing construction projects that will make the roads we drive on, safer. To get more information on crash data in Texas, you can visit the TxDOT website, here.

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