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Motorcycle Crashes and Risks

Motorcycle crash

Motorcycles have become one of the most iconic images of American highways. Bikes made by famous companies like Harley Davidson are popular around the world. It’s no wonder that millions of Americans jump on their motorcycle every day to enjoy the freedom that comes with riding one.   There’s also a great community of bikers that an enthusiast can join. Whether it be going to a biker rally in the Texas Hill Country, or going on a ride with some friends, there is a lot you can do with a motorcycle. Unfortunately, while traveling on your motorcycle you increase your chances of being seriously injured in the event of a crash. It’s no secret that motorcycles offer less protection compared to a car or truck. Even if you decide to ride with a helmet, there are a lot of injuries you can sustain while riding your bike.

The Risks

It’s important to remember that almost every minute, there is an auto accident in Texas. When considering that the weight of the average car is 5,000lbs, it can be terrifying to think of getting into an accident while riding a motorcycle. Getting hit with that much weight, even at low speeds can be deadly. Traveling on a motorcycle at over 50 miles an hour will likely cause some sort of internal injury. Soft tissue damage is almost guaranteed in these situations, but you’re also at risk for organ damage and internal bleeding. Unfortunately, if you are in an accident while riding your motorcycle, there isn’t a whole lot you can do to reduce your chances of these injuries. However, wearing a helmet can drastically reduce your chances of a traumatic brain injury. According to the CDC, a helmet can reduce your chances of a TBI by almost 70%.

Another painful injury motorcyclists typically get in accidents is road rash. Even a minor road rash can pose a risk of infection, not to mention the massive amounts of pain that comes with it. A more serious road rash can result in years of treatment. It could take a long time for the wounds to heal from a road rash. It’s also unlikely that road rash would be your only injury. It’s likely that you could break your bones, or even end up needing amputation of a limb in serious crashes. That’s why it’s important to get a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident. Your lawyer can fight to make sure you’re fairly compensated by the insurance companies for your pain and suffering, along with other expenses, such as medical bills and missed work.

Motorcycle Accident Claims

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, your first priority is to get better. The last thing on your mind should be fighting the insurance companies to get the money you deserve. Unfortunately, many victims find themselves in that exact situation. Greedy insurance companies will try to take advantage of your current state and use that to give you less than you deserve. Don’t let yourself be victimized twice. Call a personal injury attorney. A San Antonio personal injury attorney will be able to fight on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve, while you focus on your recovery.