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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: October 20th, 2023

Staying Out of 18-Wheeler Blind Spots

18-wheeler blind spots

One of the biggest dangers of 18-wheelers is their blind spots. Tractor-trailers are often over seventy feet long. This massive length creates large bling spots, that make it impossible for the truck driver to see you. Staying out of these blind spots can help you avoid being in a devastating crash.

A common misconception about 18-wheelers is that the driver is able to see more than other cars. People believe that because the driver sits higher than other vehicles, they should have a better view of what’s around them. While this is true of whatever is directly in front of the truck, it’s far from the truth when it comes to the sides. Side and rear vision is hindered with 18-wheelers. If you want to avoid these blind spots, the best rule is to look for the truck’s mirrors.

If you can’t see the driver in their side mirrors, it’s likely he or she can’t see you. While this rule isn’t perfect, it’s still a decent indicator of blind spots. Some trucks also come with wide-angle cameras. These cameras can be placed all around the truck to help decrease the size of their blind spots. Unfortunately, not all drivers use these cameras. Ultimately, it’s up to the truck driver to make sure their movements won’t cause an accident but being extra cautious will allow you to drive safely.

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