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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: June 3rd, 2021

Suffering from a Ruptured Disc after a Car Crash

spinal cord injury

After a car crash, there is a number of injuries you can be suffering from. However, back pain is a very common result of getting into a wreck. Now, sometimes it could be some simple bruising. However, injuries like herniated or slipped discs, occur much too often. These injuries can cause unimaginable amounts of pain in the lower back when the disc is pressing against the root of a nerve. This can send pain shooting down your legs, and make doing everyday activities excruciating or even impossible. Every work responsibility to just normal daily routines becomes a battle of endurance, while you try and fight past the massive amount of pain you are suffering from.

What Are Ruptured Discs?

A ruptured disc is an injury to individual vertebrae. A bone that makes up your spinal cord. A disc becomes herniated or ruptured when the soft center of the disc slips out through the harder exterior. This often results in irritation to the nerves. This is what causes the pain a person feels. This injury can occur as the result of extreme force. When you are subjected to a sudden or jerking-like movement at high force, it puts a lot of pressure on your spine. This can lead to a disc herniating.

Ruptured discs are extremely serious. You may notice intense, and immediate pain in your back and limbs if you are suffering from a ruptured disc. If you do, it’s important you seek medical attention right away. Your doctor may order an MRI or CT to diagnose you. Neglecting treatment can lead to nerve damage or other medical issues. Symptoms of a disc problem can range from leg pain or numbness to pain ranging from your neck to your lower back.

After any car crash, you should consider going to your doctor as soon as possible. Not all injuries are obvious immediately, including ruptured discs. Getting checked out by a medical professional is the best course of action. That way if you have been injured, treatment can begin immediately. The longer you wait to get treated, the more likely your injury will become progressively worse.


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