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San Marcos Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns are painful and dangerous injuries that can come with complications such as infections, amputations, permanent nerve damage, scarring and disfigurement. A burn injury can inflict physical and emotional trauma. At Villarreal & Begum, LAW GUNS, we represent clients with burn injuries. If you have burns from any type of accident or incident, contact our San Marcos burn injury lawyers to discuss the possibility of a lawsuit. Someone may owe you financial compensation for your damages.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have established ourselves as a reputable source of legal representation through years of helping clients obtain peace of mind, justice and real results.
  • We are willing to fight on behalf of our clients, even if that means going to trial. Our trial lawyers have experience going to court and winning positive verdicts.
  • We will not charge you for our legal services during a San Marcos burn injury claim unless we obtain you financial compensation.

What Are the Types of Burn Injuries?

A burn injury is damage to the skin and/or deeper layers of tissues due to contact with sources of harmful energy. Burns come in four types: thermal, radiation, electrical and chemical. A thermal burn, such as from contact with fire or steam, is the most common. A serious burn injury can destroy the dermis and damage the underlying nerves. The extent of physical damage from a burn will depend on its severity.

  • First-degree burn. A burn that affects the uppermost part of the skin and typically does not cause blisters. It can look red and feel painful.
  • Second-degree burn. A burn that impacts the second layer of skin and causes blisters. It can be red, swollen, blistered and painful.
  • Third-degree burn. A burn that impacts the deeper layers of tissues, sometimes including muscles and bone. It can appear white or brown and may not be painful due to nerve damage.

Most burns require professional medical care. Unless you have a minor first-degree burn that is not large and does not cover a vulnerable area of your body, go to the hospital. Serious burn injuries require medical attention to help prevent infection and other serious complications. You may have grounds to file a lawsuit with any type or severity of burn injury in San Marcos.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries in San Marcos

Burns can happen in many types of accidents. At work, burn injuries can occur in environments that expose workers to hazards such as oil, gas, acids and corrosive chemicals. Burns can also happen due to defective products, such as e-cigarette explosions or a battery pack that overheats. At home, a burn injury could occur due to a defective product or house fire. Burns can also occur in car accidents. Finally, electrocutions and electric shocks from contact with live electrical elements could cause electrical burns. However you sustained your serious burn injury in San Marcos, contact our lawyers to find out if you have the elements of a claim.

Do You Have a Claim?

The main requirements for a successful personal injury lawsuit in Texas are proof of duty of care owed, duty of care breached, causation for the burns and actual damages. Some cases do not require all four of these elements; a strict product liability claim involving a defective product, for example, may not require proof of a breach of duty of care. The best way to find out if you have a claim is by contacting an attorney.

Contact a San Marcos Burn Injury Lawyer for Free

A burn injury can significantly impact your life. From emotional trauma to permanent physical scars, a serious burn could affect you for years to come. If you believe someone else is responsible for causing your burn injury, contact the San Marcos personal injury lawyers at Villarreal & Begum, LAW GUNS for a free, zero-obligation consultation. We can go over your case and let you know if we believe you have grounds for a lawsuit. If we offer to represent you, we can help you and your family demand maximum compensation for your burn-related damages. Start with a free case review by calling (512) 800-0000 today.