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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: June 4th, 2021

$17M Awarded to 3 in Amtrak Derailment


After almost two years since an Amtrak train derailed and killed 3 and injured 60, a jury awarded 3 people involved $17 million. Two men were awarded around $7 million, and one of the victims’ wives won $2 million. Mr. Skyllingstad was one of the two men that won $7 million. He was a passenger on the train when it derailed. The trail was going 78 mph on a 30 mph curve. He suffered a broken back, and a personality-changing brain injury.

The other man was Mr. Blaine Wilmotte. Wilmotte was traveling in his truck when a rail car came crashing down on him. He was trapped for over an hour with a train crushing him. He broke his femur and other bones, he now suffers from a mental disorder in which he fears death, daily. Wilmotte’s wife was 22 at the time of the accident and was pregnant. She sued because the accident drastically impacted her relationship with her husband.

Back in June, the National Transportation Safety Board published its report on the crash. The report claims those who were ensured with the safety of the train were negligent, citing a “titanic-like complacency.” The decision could set a stage for future claims against Amtrak.

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