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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: June 3rd, 2021

Airbag Defects in Car Crashes

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Most car crashes can be straightforward in terms of who is involved.  Either one or more drivers did something negligent, that resulted in a crash.  However, a car crash claim can become something bigger and more complicated if there was some kind of malfunction with your car. For example, when an airbag does not deploy or does not deploy properly during a car crash. This can result in injuries that are more severe than they could have been if the airbag deployed.  On top of an insurance claim or lawsuit against an at-fault driver, the injured party might have a product liability case.

Manufacturer Guarantees

Cars in the United States have built-in safety features, such as airbags, that come standard. They are meant to reduce or prevent injuries. Unfortunately, airbags are not always 100% reliable. Airbags may fail to deploy or deploy incorrectly during a collision. If this is the case for a car accident you are in, you could have a claim against the manufacture of the vehicle or airbag.

Different Types of Product Liability Claims

Just like with any other product, when airbags fail, there can be a number of possible explanations. An airbag may over-extend or over-inflate. Sometimes, airbags deploy unnecessarily or unexpectedly. All of these cases are examples of possible product liability cases.

“Failure to Warn.” This kind of claim is appropriate when a warning was failed to be issued, or a product lacked sufficient instructions. For example, if the manufacture fails to warn a driver that a child riding in the front seat could be dangerous, it could be an example of failure to warn.

Design Defects. This applies if there is some kind of fundamental flaw in the design of the product. An example of this is if the airbag was designed to be released with excessive force. If that force was far more than what was necessary, it could be the result of a design defect.

Manufacturing Defects. This kind of claim alleges that the design of the product may have been sound, but an error in producing the product made it hazardous to uses. For example, if the product was designed to have some kind of inhibitor to prevent the airbag from overinflating, but the manufacturer forgot to include that inhibitor, it would be a manufacturing defect.

Regardless of the kind of defect, if you believe you have been the victim of a manufacturer’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation. It’s best to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney can help guide you through the process and handle all the complicated legal work needed to proceed with your case.

Harmed by a Manufacturers Negligence?

If you have been injured due to a manufacturer’s negligence, you need an experienced attorney to fight for you. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Villarreal and Begum have experience battling these big manufacturers. If you have been injured due to a malfunctioning product, call the Texas Law Guns at our Office located in San Antonio or contact us online. The consultation is always free.