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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: June 4th, 2021

Big Tobacco Must Hand Over $20M


The parent company of the infamous Marlboro brand, Philip Morris, has been told by a judge to pay out $20 million. Back in January, a federal judge ruled in favor of Judith Berger’s Estate. Judith was a former smoker who has now passed away from smoking. Bernard Cote, who represents Mrs. Berger’s estate was to be awarded over $27 million from the tobacco company. However, the 11th circuit court stepped in and lowered the ruling to $20 million. While that’s a big win for Philip Morris, they are still dragging their feet.

The company’s lawyers are now trying everything in their power to overturn this judgment. Thankfully, the judge ruling over the case has put a stop to it. In a statement,   “Simply put: it is time for Philip Morris to pay the judgment,” Judge Carr wrote. “And [it] is time for its lawyers to tell it to do so.” It is clear that the Judge has had enough of the tobacco companies’ schemes. In fact, he said he would order the company to pay for attorney fees as well, but decided against it. He cited that this would give the company more opportunities to avoid paying out the money they owe. Mr. Cote’s representative said “I am thrilled that the court called a spade a spade. We can only hope this will prevent similarly frivolous motions practice in the future.”

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