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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: June 3rd, 2021

Common Damages to Claim After a Crash

car crash
Car accidents happen all the time. If you happen to be involved, it can be a serious undertaking to deal with.  Injuries and being out of a car on top of all our other responsibilities can make for a serious headache. The most important thing to remember during this stressful time is to remain calm. The first step is becoming knowledgeable about what to do next.

It’s important to remember that as a victim, you have a right to be compensated for your damages. A number of issues resulting from your crash can cost a victim thousands of dollars. You shouldn’t be the one putting out that money. The negligent party’s insurance should be covering these costs. But what exactly should they be covering? What damages should you be claiming?

Property Damage.

This is the most common form of damage to claim. While it might also be the most obvious, it’s important to start working on this right away. At the time of the accident, make sure the responding office notes the damage your vehicle has taken and finding a mechanic to give you a formal estimate on the total cost for repairs.

Out of Pocket Expenses and Lost Wages.

These expenses are often forgotten about by victims. Miscellaneous things you have to pay for because you’re out of personal transportation is still the responsibility of the insurance company to pay for. Renting a car, towing costs, parking tickets, etc. All fall under the responsibility of the insurance company. Make sure to save any and all receipts!

You might also have to miss work for a number of reasons relating to your crash. Lost work means lost wages. Getting a letter from your employer, evidence on why you missed work such as a medical report, and how much you’re being paid is important to obtain.

Medical Expenses and Pain and Suffering.

While they might vary in severity, most people suffer from some sort of injury after a car accident. Anything from traumatic brain injuries to soft tissue damage can result in expensive medical bills. Being able to document these costs and demonstrate they are a result of your accident is important.

You might undergo some other form of mental or physical anguish as a result of your crash. This can result in a serious loss in the quality of life for a victim. Loss in enjoyment in life, anxiety, trauma, etc. all deserve to be remedied by the insurance company. You are entitled to compensation for these damages.

The Texas Law Guns.

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