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Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

old woman in nursing home

Nursing home abuse isn’t always a problem you find at nursing homes, but on occasion it can pop up and stun the community around it. This means that you need to be on the lookout for nursing home abuse whenever you put one of your elderly relatives in a home like that. It’s typically a good place to go, but on occasion you get some bad apples who might not take their job seriously or have some frustrations they want to take out on other people. Since elderly people are quite vulnerable, they are big targets for these types of people who are wanting to abuse others. There are several different types of nursing home abuse, making it important for you to look for all of the more common ones.

Let’s take a look at the ones you should look out for so your elderly relative doesn’t get hurt in the process.

Not Giving the Person Enough Medication or Giving Them The Wrong Kind

In nursing homes, doctors and nurses have control of the types of drugs the residents take. So in a sense, they can give people whatever they want. If a nurse doesn’t care about his job or he wants to get back at one of the residents he is not too fond of, he can simply try to give the resident too many pills. The nurse might even refrain from giving enough pills, making it difficult for the residents to survive. Make sure you keep in contact with your elderly relatives living in nursing homes, because you don’t want them to get stuck in a situation where they are constantly being abused.

Physically Abusing The People in the Nursing Home

If you start to notice bumps or bruises on your relative’s body, you might want to ask them how they got the wounds. Obviously, elderly people are prone to fall or bump themselves when walking round, but nursing home abuse might also be the cause for these markings. If so you need to get a lawyer who specializes in nursing home abuse immediately.

Starving Residents in the Nursing Home

This is a common type of nursing home abuse, because the residents are typically being fed by the home. They don’t have the tools or capability to make food themselves, making it difficult for them to not simply starve if the cook isn’t giving them the proper meals. This can also fall on nurses who bring meals to the elderly patients. Make sure your elderly relative is not losing weight while they spend time at the nursing home.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about nursing home abuse in general. Tell us how you respond to nursing home abuse problems if you have ever encountered them. Help other people who might suspect nursing home abuse.