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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: May 24th, 2023

Construction Companies Pay Out $22M

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Four different construction companies were found negligent in a Goldman Sachs’ crane accident. Back in 2007, the nylon rigging used to secure the loads on a crane, snapped. 14,000 pounds of metal studs fell onto a job site trailer. Inside was an architect who was left paralyzed from the accident. Yesterday, the judge ruled that four construction companies that were hired, and their insurance providers were responsible for the damages. One of the construction firms roles was to manage the worksite, the other was responsible for crane operation. Tishman Construction and Total Safety Consulting tried to place the blame solely on DCM Erectors and Component Assembly Systems. The latter was responsible for the operation of the crane. They claimed it was their negligence of using damaged nylon rigging that caused the accident. However, the court disagreed. They held Tishman and Total Saftey 55% liable for placing the trailer in a dangerous place.

The judges reasoning was that it would have been easier to move the trailer, then constantly monitoring the nylon rigging. She cited the testimony of an expert witness that claimed that most nylon rigging looks damaged, and changing them regularly is impractical. In her decision, she wrote, “On the Tishman and Total Safety side, the cost of the precaution, namely finding a more suitable location for the trailers or erecting a shed over the trailers, was relatively low.” This mistake cost all the companies a total of $22 million.

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