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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: June 3rd, 2021

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Case

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Posting about your life, or sharing videos with friends on social media is a pretty normal occurrence today. Simply talking about your day may seem innocent enough, but an activity like this could harm your personal injury case. If you like any of the other 2.8 billion Facebook users, you probably spend at least 30 minutes a day posting. And that is not including any other platforms you might be using.  In the past, you probably paid no attention to who is viewing the content you post, so why worry now?

Just like many other industries,  insurance companies are beginning to understand how useful social media can be. However, they don’t just use the platform for things like marketing or interacting with customers. Many adjusters and investigators have been scanning social media accounts of claimants to look for evidence. If they find something that could be interpreted in a way that would help dispute a person’s claim, they’ll use it.

For example, if you were in a serious crash, and your injuries prevent you from doing certain activities, an investigator may follow your accounts to look for anything to show you are not as injured as you claim. The photo or video of you could have been taken in the past, or simply not show the accommodations that were made to allow you to engage in the activity. When it comes to your insurance claim, the investigator won’t care about the circumstances. They will take your posts as an excuse to pay you as little as possible, if even at all.

Can They Legally Review My Profiles?

Yes. Insurance companies do not need any permission to view what is public for everyone else to see.  Even if your account is private, it doesn’t guarantee your privacy. By agreeing to Facebook’s terms and conditions, any information you post can legally be used against you.

Is this Unethical?

Maybe. If your account has no restrictions, there is not a whole lot you can do to prevent them from looking you up. However, if an adjuster or investigator sends you a friend request, this could be unethical. Trying to contact you is prohibited, especially if you are being represented by a lawyer. If you think that the insurance company is engaging in this behavior, contact your lawyer. An attorney can help give you clarification and guidance.

What can I do?

The best possible solution is to simply take a break from social media. Wait until your case is resolved before you go back to your normal social media behavior. Even if you think there is no way someone from the insurance company can see your posts, its best to act as if they can. Avoid discussing your accident on your profile as well. Your words could easily be twisted and used against you.

The next best solution is to adjust your privacy settings. It’s a good practice to review your privacy settings periodically anyway to control who can see your activity. However, you shouldn’t count on your privacy settings. If friends tag you in photos or videos, and their account settings are public, someone can easily view that information. This brings us to the next thing you should avoid. Refrain from being in photos or videos with other people. As mentioned before, the privacy settings of some else can easily make your information publicly viewable.

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