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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: May 23rd, 2023

J&J Sued For Misleading Consumers


Last month,  Johnson and Johnson subsidiary, Ethicon, went to trial over several surgical mesh products they make. The state of California is suing the company for $960 million for civil penalties. According to the prosecution, Ethicon knowingly sold the harmful product and then misrepresented the risks that their urinary and pelvic meshes presented when marketing. Some of these meshes are reported to migrate, become brittle, and even slice into organs. Since 2011, transvaginal mesh manufacturers have been under fire for the risks that are associated with their products. So far, Ethicon’s defense has been that the state is using faulty data to prove its case. However, the state seems to have the stronger argument. Citing the J&J did not respond to FDA requests to information, and they did not have explicit approval from the FDA to sell some of the meshes in question.

Johnson and Johnson argued that they thought they had approval since other similar products were approved by the FDA. The global head for clinical and medical affairs of mesh products at Ethicon testified that the company had no intention of misleading the public.

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