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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: May 23rd, 2023

How to Not Respond to an Animal Attack

As reported by My San Antonio, a man slaughtered his dog, when the animal chewed up his limited-edition Call of Duty headphones. The man used a machete during the attack. This obviously isn’t a direct animal attack on human life, but it’s close. There are plenty of animal attacks every day, and you can get compensation for the attack if you respond properly, but if you resort to violence or vengeance on the animal you severely weaken your case. In this instance, the man chopped into his own dog, so it was even more difficult for people to realize what he had done. Imagine if you did this to another person’s dog who would call the authorities on you. Basically, if you shoot or stab or harass a dog in any way you can get in trouble. Usually, the best response is to run away and get as far away as possible.

Let’s take a look at how you should never respond to an animal attack, primarily for dogs.

Attacking the Dog or other Animal

When you attack the animal who attacked you, problems can arise. Not only are you asking for additional injuries, but you bring animal rights people into the mix. They work hard to ensure that all dogs and animals are treated well, and they usually have strong cases because an animal usually goes out of control because of a human, not because of its own will.

Verbally or Physically Attacking the Dog Owner

Although you might be hurt, it’s important to keep your temper under control after an animal attack. If you start attacking or yelling at the dog owner, they might feel threatened and take out a case against you. If they ever feel like their life is in danger they can be sued for compensation. It’s also wise to point out that a dog owner is not always the one to blame for any particular dog attack. In fact, your actions could be the cause, you never know.

Taking the Law Into Your Own Hands

When you take the law into your own hands you lose all credibility in the courts. For example, if you try to get compensation from the dog owner without consulting with a dog bite injury lawyer you might end up hurting yourself down the road. Other people have been known to threaten dog owners after the fact and turn to blackmail methods in order to take advantage of the dog attack.

Let us know if you have ever been in an animal attack. Share your thoughts and let us know if you responded by hurting the animal. Did it serve you well or were you taken to court for your violence? Explain what you think is the best response to an animal attack.