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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: April 9th, 2020

How to Respond if You Witness an 18 Wheeler Accident

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18 wheelers are huge pieces of equipment that travel along the roads of America to bring people all sorts of goods. Most people who operate 18 wheelers are hard-working Americans who provide a valuable service to the country by bringing items all over the place. Unfortunately there are a select few 18 Wheeler operators who don’t follow the rules or try to drive when they are too sleepy or even operate their 18 wheelers drunk. There are even plenty of 18 Wheeler drivers who follow all of the rules and the vehicle simply breaks down causing accidents on the road. Regardless of the situation you want to avoid getting in 18 Wheeler accidents because they are huge pieces of machinery and they can really damage your vehicle and your body.

Let’s say you are not in an 18 wheeler accident, but you witness a truck slamming into another car on the highway. How do you respond? Let’s take a look.

Make Sure The Wreck Is Safe for You to Approach

Unfortunately, 18 Wheeler accidents often results in fires or large amounts of debris that can be dangerous to people who are walking in the area. If you witness an 18 wheeler accident it’s not always the best idea to start running up and helping people who are in the accident. The best idea is to evaluate the situation and contact any authorities that might be old to help if there is a fire or problems in the accident. If the accident doesn’t look that bad then you can go up and try to help people get away from the danger.

Help Out as Much as You Can

When you approach victims of an 18 wheeler accident you have to realize that the 18 Wheeler operator is not always at fault. They might need just as much help as the person who is in the car. See if you can pull anyone out of their cars or assist them in finding a safe spot off the road. The most important part is ensuring that they don’t try to walk around or drive off, causing them to create more injuries or problems in the future.

Offer to Serve as a Witness if Anyone Asks

If anyone wants to contact a personal injury lawyer after the 18 Wheeler accident then you can serve as a witness if anyone wants you to. This allows you to speak with a personal injury lawyers and tell them about your account of the accident. You acting as a witness is one of the most valuable things to give someone who is in an accident.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below if you have ever witnessed in 18 Wheeler accident. Let us know if you think the tips above are helpful for protecting yourself and assisting those who you might see get into 18 Wheeler accidents.