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How to Respond if You Witness a Boating Accident

boating accident.

boating accident

Boats are made so people can have fun with their family and friends out on the open water. They are often used to hang out on lakes, oceans, and rivers. However, the people on board usually don’t have any idea how dangerous riding on a boat can be. As long as you follow most of the safety procedures then you should be fine on a boat. But still, there are plenty of mishaps and careless drivers who can cause an accident. Even when other people are being safe on a boat. If you witness a boating accident that it’s your responsibility to help out and act as a witness. When the police show up and if these people choose to contact a personal injury lawyer. The last thing you want to do is just go on with your business and pretend like nothing ever happened.

Let’s take a look at how you should respond if you witness a boating accident.

Checkout the Situation to Make Sure It’s Safe

Even if you aren’t involved in a boating accident there’s a chance that you could get injured. For example, if you simply run or drive out to help the people in need. Although others might be in danger you don’t want to put your own life in danger. Examine the situation and make sure that there is no gas leaks, fires or other boats that might harm you. Then go to help the parties involved.

Go Help the People Out

Once you figure out that the accident area is safe for you, bring your boat and try to rescue the people who might have fallen into the water or are stuck on the boat because of a fire. If someone was hit in the water make sure that you don’t dive in after them because there’s a good chance that they would try to use you as a life preserver and drown you in the process. Use regular life preserver’s to toss out and help them float in the water, the best option is to have a life preserver with a rope attached to it.

Contact the Authorities and Press for a Personal Injury Lawyer

After you help rescue all the victims and bring them to safety call the authorities so that they can file a police report and figure out who was negligent during the crash. Speak to the victims about contacting a personal injury lawyer, and offer your services to act as a witness in case they need your help in proving that someone else was negligent. If you see any other witnesses in the area ask them to help out as well.