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Stay Safe by Knowing These Hints for San Antonio Car Accidents

San Antonio car accident tips

Experiencing car accidents due to someone’s negligence or your own has become frequent, and this includes lots of pain, suffering and a loss of money. However, insurance companies are reluctant in making the victim generous payments and they get away silently making a small payment if the victims do not wish to go through the hassle of filing a lawsuit. Conversely, if you really required things to work accordingly, you must hire a car accident lawyer. Yet, before hiring someone, avoid some common mistakes.

A statement

Generally, every car accident lawyer must not talk about the potential customer.  The lawyer will discuss all the statements to the opposing insurance company, but the insurance company will try to know something and find a way to escape or minimize the payments to the clients, benefiting their company. So consult a San Antonio car accident lawyer and keep your mouth shut. Speak only what is told by your lawyer; make simple statements and nothing more than instructed by your lawyer.

Releasing medical records

You need not show your medical records to anyone, especially the opposing insurance company. You must ensure that your car accident lawyer moves forward with aggressive negotiations, so that you politely decline the request.  Allow your lawyer to decide and produce your medical records to be checked only if you are suggested by your lawyer to do so.

Another obvious mistake to be avoided is to accept the blame. In case the entire fault is yours, you need not admit it, as you gain nothing. You can keep quiet and permit your San Antonio car accident lawyer to move the proceedings forward and to discuss your options.

Car Accident Checklist

Car accidents – even the thought makes people scared. Even with infinite precautionary measures and a responsible driver, car accidents happen.

It is often noted that accidents are dangerous when you are on your cell phone while driving or drunk driving. So, regardless of the reason that causes the accident, you are in a mess. So avoid such risks that cause your life problems.

Since accidents cannot be avoided always, it is ideal to know what to do if an accident happens. This helps in getting out of the incident quickly with these points:

  • Inspect your co-passengers and self: Check your body, legs, hands and look for injury. Check your co-passenger by their names and know how they are feeling.
  • Get out of the vehicle. If somebody inside is injured, find help, but be steady and slow with your moves.
  • Call 911. Give detailed information to 911 so that tracking the location is easier.
  • Collect complete information of the other vehicle and the driver.