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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: May 23rd, 2023

New Steering Wheel May Help Distracted Drivers

distracted driving

Jaguar Land Rover is working with Glasgow University in Scotland to develop a new sensory steering wheel. They’re hoping this will help prevent distracted driving. The steering wheel is going to be designed to heat up, cool down, and even vibrate to help drivers when they are coming up to turns, intersections, and when to change lanes. This will be especially helpful when you are driving in poor conditions when visibility is limited. The car manufacturer is also planning to add audio indications much like how your GPS tells you when to turn. Jaguar is hoping that this new technology will help keep drivers safe and keep their eyes on the road.

Will This Actually Work?

That’s hard to say. The technology is too new and its abilities are limited. Especially considering that other manufacturers are focusing more on automated driving. The temperature changing effect may not be noticeable by some drivers. Especially if they are already distracted. Claims that this will also stimulate drowsy drivers is suspicious too. Wouldn’t heating a steering wheel make a driver more sleepy? So far, this seems like an advanced hand warmer, and not a way to prevent distracted driving.

Have You Been Hit by a Distracted Driver?

If you or a loved one has been hit by a distracted driver, you need an experienced car accident attorney to recover your damages. Dealing with the aftermath of a serious accident is enough for one person to handle. Adding legal troubles on top of this is not something you need adding to your plate. A lawyer may be able to help you navigate this area. Villarreal and Begum have significant experience fighting for the victims of distracted drivers. Call us today or contact us online to set up your free consultation. We are here day and night to take your call.