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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: June 4th, 2021

Sterilization Company Accused of Causing Cancer


32 residents in Cook County, Illinois filed a lawsuit against sterilization company, Stergenics. Residents are accusing the company of emitting cancer-causing chemicals from local facilities. The plant causing these chemicals to be leaked has been closed, but Stergenics is trying to reopen its doors. The suit claims that ethylene oxide was polluted into the air, and the company failed to stop or reduce the emissions of the chemical. Ethylene Oxide is a dangerous chemical. The U.S Environmental Protection Agency claims there is evidence between chemicals and breast cancer in women.

The resident claim that the company knowingly polluted the air with Ethylene Oxide for years, despite knowing the dangers of the deadly carcinogen. Numerous people report being diagnosed with cancer, having miscarriages, and more since the company started emitting the chemical. On top of the physical damages, this pollution has had economic damages as well. Property values have rapidly decreased.

The company was sued by the state last year for failing to meet the states emissions laws. The facility was shut down due to the lawsuit, but last month they reached an agreement with the state. They will update the equipment to meet the state’s standards, and then resume operations.

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