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What to Tell Your Lawyer After a Drunk Driving Accident

What to Discuss with a Lawyer After a Drinking and Driving incident

Drunk driving accidents happen to a large amount of people. Lawyers are there to help both sides of the accident, but personal injury lawyers work to help those who become victim of drunk drivers who made a poor decision after drinking too much.

A drunk driving accident can make you dazed, confused and even injured, making it difficult to think about legal help when you are just trying to figure out what happened. Unfortunately, it is important for people to gather as much information as possible in order to collect damages afterwards for car problems and hospital bills.

What should you tell your lawyer about your accident? What information should you present if you have been involved in a drunk driving accident?


Location comes into play for drunk driving accidents because it tells a lot about where the drunk person was coming from. It also helps explain the type of damage and who is at fault when it comes to the accident. The location of the accident opens up outlets for witnesses and surveillance cameras. Lawyers will speak with people who saw the accident or even ask store managers for video footage. The location sets the scene for the entire accident and allows a judge or mediators to visualize exactly what happened.


Time is imperative if you get into a drunk driving accident. If the accident occurs in the middle of the night this increases the chances of the other person coming home from a bar or party. Reckless driving at night is more dangerous, giving you increased leverage against the other person.


Damages are probably the most important thing to record during a drunk driving accident. The whole point of going to a lawyer after an accident is to obtain compensation for medical bills and car problems. Take pictures of your car after the accident and highlight the more severe areas to ensure you get compensated. Take pictures of your physical injuries and ask another person to look at areas on your backside that are difficult to see. Other personal injuries are less visible than scrapes and bruises, making it difficult to take pictures of these. If you have whiplash or some sort of mental damage, document this and any sort of evaluation completed by a doctor. Give this documentation to your lawyer for review.

Witness/People Present

Let your lawyer know if other people were present in your vehicle. The lawyers may want to interview each individual separately to get different views and perspectives. Someone might have noticed something that you missed. Take down contact information from witnesses in the area, and ask them if you can contact them in the future.

What other items should you give to your lawyer after a drunk driving accident? Let us know in the comments if you have been in a DUI accident in the past.