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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: May 23rd, 2023

Tips For Traveling Over The Holidays


Like thousands of other people in America, you’re probably traveling somewhere for the holidays. Thanks to advancements in technology and transportation, we can visit loved ones on the other side of the country or even the world within hours. While it’s much easier to see your relatives when they live far away, there are still risks. Accidents can happen anywhere, and criminals could also be on the lookout for someone out of their element. below are some tips to follow to stay safe if you’re traveling this holiday season.

Avoid Public Wifi

Since the internet has become a common part of everyday life, many public places offer wifi to keep you connected to the world around you. While this makes it easier for you to get all the information you need, it also makes it easier for hackers to get the information they want. Hackers can use devices to highjack the traffic your device thinks its sending to the internet, in reality, all of that information is showing up on the hacker’s screen in real-time. Things like credit cards, online banking passwords, email account access, and more can be easily stolen from even the most unskilled hackers. If you want to use public wifi, use a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. This service allows you to browse the web with less fear of your information being stolen from the guy sitting across from you.

Always Be Alert

If you’re lost, or not paying attention, potential thieves will notice. They’ll take advantage of the fact that your not quite sure where you are. Always stay alert. Don’t walk around with your eyes glued to your phone. Know where you’re going, and avoid being another victim. You should also lower your risk of being a target by not traveling with a ton of valuables. Obviously, there are some expensive things we need to take with us. Things like our phones for example. However, always keep the valuables you travel with a close at hand. You don’t want to forget about them, and then find out later it was stolen.

Make Copies

Things like your ID and passport are essential when traveling. If you end up losing your main copies, you don’t want to end up stranded far away from home. Always make copies of important documents.  There are even some services that will save your ID to your phone, and allow you to have all of the benefits of having your ID, without actually having it on your person.

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