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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: June 4th, 2021

Travelers Insurance Faces $3M Claim


Back in 2013, a tugboat, dubbed Billy G. and its crew was set to make its way to Haiti. The ship was being used for a crew hired by Suncoast Shipping, based in Florida. Suncoast sent its crew to Haiti, but the crew never made it to their destination. Instead, the crew was stranded in Cuba for over a year. They had to survive on the generosity of others or get by eating bugs and rodents. The captain of Billy G. told Suncoast that the ship didn’t have enough fuel to make it to Haiti. Suncoast reassured him and his crew that another ship could come to refuel them along the way. Of course, this never happened. The ship made it to the coast of Cuba before it ran out of fuel.

The Cuban coast guard had to hall the ship into port.  The crew tried many times to get into contact with their employer without any success. Suncoast was silent. They abandoned their employees. Without money, food, or medical supplies, the crew was stuck in Cuba. They are accusing the company of violating a number of maritime laws and won their case. However, Travelers insurance insured Suncoast. They defended them in court but lost. So, Travelers sued Suncoast to void their contract. It turns out, Suncoast didn’t own the tugboat they sent their crew on. The company lied about owning the ship, so Travelers was able to void their contract with the company. However, travelers did not make the victims party to their suit. They completely ignored them, and when the sailors went to file a claim with travelers to get their money, they pointed to the void contract.

They said because of a court agreed with Traveler’s that Suncoast breach the contract, surely they don’t have to cover these sailors, right? Wrong. Just because Travelers isn’t responsible for the company anymore, doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible for the victims. They filed their suit as 3rd party claimants. Travelers have till the 16th to respond to the sailor’s complaint. If they refuse to payout, their chances in court fighting it, don’t look good.

Victim of Bad Faith Insurance?

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