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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: April 9th, 2020

Victim Gets $2.25M Settlement From Contractor

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We have all drove through construction on roads. Whether its a business remodeling their parking lot, or the city expanding the highway, we’re used to paying attention to traffic cones. We count on those traffic cones to tell us where it’s safe to drive. Especially in the cases of low visibility. The traffic cones guide us through danger, to ensure no one is hurt. The last thing we want is to drive into a big hole, created by construction. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to a California man. Driving late at night, he was passing through a construction zone. He saw the cones, and move to the next lane. After the cones ended, he got back into the right lane. However, soon after, he felt his car drop. His car was overturned. He, unfortunately, drove right into a 2 feet deep ditch.

According to other documents, this wasn’t the only person to fall into this ditch. Several other cars have made complaints about the large hole, and the city and the contractor did nothing. Luckily for the contractor and the city, no one else has filed a lawsuit, yet. However, those affected should, these accidents were completely avoidable. They were only caused by the negligence of the city and contractor, and their inability to properly mark the road. The contractor working for the city has recently settled the case with the victim. They agreed that $2.25 million will be paid out by their insurance provider.

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