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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: May 23rd, 2023

Wet Pavement in Auto Accidents

wet pavement

South Texas might not always be known for its rain, but when it does, it can be dangerous! Wet pavement can cause or contribute to accidents. In fact, about one-fourth of accidents happen because of weather-related issues. However, that does not mean drivers aren’t responsible for accidents. Another driver may try to blame a crash on the weather, but it is still the responsibility of the driver to control their vehicle, and drive safely, no matter the conditions. If you were hurt in an auto accident like this, the negligent driver might owe you money for your injuries.

What Makes Wet Roads Dangerous

When it’s raining, drivers must take steps to ensure their safety while on the road. Many roads in Texas were not designed with water in mind. Light rain can make roads slick due to the oil that is present on the surface. This could reduce the friction your tires have on the pavement, making it difficult to stop. During heavy rains, it could make things difficult to see while driving. It might also lead to things such as flooding and hydroplaning. To better prepare for heavy rain, make sure your wiper blades are in good condition. worn blades can make operating in these conditions dangerous and decreases your ability to see in bad weather.

No matter the weather, a driver might be responsible for an accident if he or she was negligent. If a driver does something or fails to do something they know could result in the harm of another, they are negligent. For example, if someone is speeding on wet roads, and gets into a crash, they might be considered negligent. The driver should have known the slippery conditions could lead to a severe accident.

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