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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: May 23rd, 2023

What Should I Bring When Meeting My Lawyer?

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If you have never met with a personal injury lawyer before, it’s possible you may feel unsure about what you need to prepare beforehand. This is why we have written a brief summary of the materials you should bring to your first meeting with your lawyer. This list will enable you to be fully ready to meet with your new lawyer and hopefully be at the beginning of a road that is headed toward success in your personal injury case.


Any information that is somewhat relevant to your accident should be brought to your meeting with your lawyer. There is no detail that should be left out — leave that for your lawyer to decide. Include information about the ambulance service you receive or any trips to the emergency room, such as the addresses and names, as well as the exact dates when you went to the hospital. This is in addition to the visit on the date of the accident.

Include the personal information of doctors who treated you, such as their names and addresses. If anyone else was involved, make sure to take note of their names, as well as those of any witnesses who may have seen the accident. If you missed work or something else because of the accident or injury, take note of which exact days you missed and why. If you talked to any insurance adjusters, include their names and numbers. Even make a list of those who you had a conversation with about the accident or the resulting injuries.

Leave no detail out. If you don’t already, make sure to have this information written down. Even handwritten notes can be helpful to keep it all straight and help give your lawyer a concrete reference of the details.

Official Documents

You should also bring any documents that might relate to the case. These include an accident report, any written statements that may have been provided to you, and any information you have about your medical (or disability, if it applies) insurance policy. If it was a car accident, include your automobile insurance policy. If it relates to your home, include the renter’s policy or homeowner’s policy. Any other relevant policies should be included, of course, including veterans insurance, medical or hospitalization policies. If you’ve gotten any information or been in contact with an insurer about something regarding the accident, include that as well.

If your injury required medical treatment, save the medical bills and bring them to your meeting with the personal injury lawyer. If you needed to buy anything specific, keep the receipts and show them to your personal injury lawyer. The same goes for anything you needed to purchase or pay for to fix something from the accident.

List of questions

If there is time, another good thing to do is to include a list of questions to ask your lawyer. These questions might include how long the lawyer has been in this field of work, and if they have the right area of expertise to work on this case. Ask about any problems they might see with your case, how long it might take, and any other details of the process as a whole. Don’t be afraid to ask questions so you can fully understand the process.